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    1. Cured meat dryer
    2. Cured meat dryer

    Cured meat dryer

    • 【Type】:Drying Machine
    • 【Shipping ports】:Qingdao, Shanghai or Tianjin Port
    • 【Delivery】:10-15 days
    • 【Payment terms】:T/T, L/C, Western Union
    • 【E-mail】
    1. Detailed information

    Product Description
            This dryer also named heat pump dryer, it's actually a heat lifting device.  High temperature heat pump dryer absorbs heat from the surrounding environment and passes it to the heated object,   the working principle is same with refrigeration machine.
            High temperature heat pump drying and dehumidity unit mainly consists four parts: the fin type evaporator (external machine), compressor, fin type condenser (inner machine) and expansion valve.
            High temperature heat pump drying unit's heating efficiency is far greater than other heating equipment, it not only can save energy, but also reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, to achieve energy-saving emission reduction effect.

    Application area
            Crude drugs:  Three seven, star anise, Chinese yam, Ganoderma lucidum, sea cucumber, honeysuckle, mangosteen, cinnamon, ginger, ginseng, medlar, Angelica
            Agricultural products:  Overlord flower, rose, chrysanthemum, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, sweet potato, okra, tobacco, tremella, agaric, pepper, day lily, Agrocybe aegerita, taro, dried vegetables, bamboo shoots, cassava, starch, edible fungus, vegetables.
            Fruit dryer:  Longan, litchi, mango, banana slices, jujube, jujube, red bayberry, lemon, grape, pineapple, kiwi fruit, persimmon, olive, candied fruit
            Food dryer: sausage, bacon, sausage, La Layu, clothing, Rice noodles, rice noodles, sweet potato flour, noodles, Hand-Pulled Noodle, Yuba
            Seafood dryer: fish, shredded squid, dried shrimp, abalone, sea cucumber, cuttlefish, hippocampus.
            Tea dryer: Pu'er Tea, Black Tea, Dahongpao Tea, Tieguanyin, Green Tea, Maojian tea

            Besides, this dryer also can dry incense, wood, industrial products, charcoal briquettes (shisha charcoal, bbq charcoal, etc.)

            (1)Easy to install: the installation and removal is convenient, small landing area, both can be installed in the indoor and outdoor
            (2)High efficiency and environmental protection: only need to consume a small amount of electricity, can absorb a lot of heat in the air.
            (3)No pollution: no combustion and emissions
            (4)Safe and reliable operation
            (5)Long service life, low maintenance cost
            (6)Comfortable and convenient, automatic, intelligent degree is high
            (7)Wide range of application, not affected by climate:  widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper products, leather, wood, agricultural and sideline products.

    Installation and transportation
            Our technician is teaching the customer install box dryer. In order to save shipping space for customers, we can load them into container piece by piece, but we will offer installation drawing to guide you how to install, please don't worry, it's very easy, because we mark numbers on every piece.

    Our factory and service
            (1)Pre-sales service
                    a. Sales team will suggest suitable project.
                    b. Technical team analyse and design special molds for you.
                    c. Pick you up at airport, arrange hotel-booking.
                    d. Other travel arrangements.
            (2)After-sales service
                    a. Assist you build up factory and production line.
                    b. Install and maintain machines.
                    c. Training your workers to achieve skillful operation.
                    d. Offer technical support through telephone or online videos at any time.
            (3) Payment terms
                    T/T,  L/C, Western Union
            Usually, 30% payment in advance, 70% payment before delivery.


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