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    Importance of Rationally Meal in Flour Mechanical Process

    2017-06-12 Jianghan Equipment Read

    With the wheat flour is an important part of the machine, the quality of flour is mainly the quality of wheat grain, flour machinery processing technology and other factors to determine the quality of raw grain also determines the quality of flour! But through technological innovation, through the Will be different grades, different varieties of wheat with a reasonable mix of processing will bring extraordinary results, the following by the flour machinery manufacturers Henan Xinfeng grain machine for everyone under the details of the next.

        With the wheat program is an important factor in the control of wheat quality! First of all, to ensure the quality of wheat products under the premise of minimizing raw materials and production costs. Rational use of raw materials to ensure that the quality of flour machinery products. According to the quality requirements of flour, different types, different grades of multi-batch wheat mixed processing, so that the performance advantages complement each other, the production of qualified products, and can make full use of raw material resources. So that the processing of wheat grinding performance consistent to ensure that the production process is relatively stable. To ensure the long-term stability of product quality, that is, to ensure that the same batch of different batches of the same level of flour quality as much as possible. Special wheat flour in particular to ensure the quality of stability.


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