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    Technology and design into the kitchen equipment market competition win "magic"

    2017-05-19 Jianghan Equipment Read

    In recent years, the kitchen equipment market is highly competitive, "technology" and "design" become the key to winning. On the one hand, the use of scientific and technological innovation in materials and functions, increase the safety and functionality. On the other hand, the need to work hard in the design, kitchen utensils and kitchen utensils design and creative integration, to create both functional and aesthetic, market efficiency and artistic value of both first-class kitchen equipment. In view of this, technology and design of these two key factors will promote the kitchen equipment business more long-term development.

     In the fierce battle for the market, "technology" and "design" is the best way to get away from the competitors. In modern society, any kitchen equipment business want to win the market, these two advantages is undoubtedly heavy "weapons". To the technology to productivity, then the stamina, the modern market economy is the main driving force is the innovation of science and technology. Designed in the kitchen equipment business, is also extremely important productivity. Performance in the market level, that is, people pay more and more attention to personalized design, strengthen the design strength of enterprises, no doubt better meet the market demand for consumption.

     To avoid price war, technology to open the competitive distance

     From the perspective of technological development, the market needs is another more secure product. The way to solve this problem is to greatly improve the safety of kitchen utensils, so that consumers re-accept it; another way is to find ways to use materials, instead of metal materials instead. If you look at the kitchen with a scientific and technological products, there will be more development direction. Such as the installation of new equipment in the ordinary kitchen, so that it has a new function, you can develop a new product, and competitors away from the boring price war. And some producers in the kitchen utensils on the way, the use of new materials, so that the traditional kitchen utensils have changed qualitative, so that consumers shines. The development of science and technology with each passing day, the new kitchen materials are also emerging, kitchen utensils if you cling to the wooden kitchen in this road to the black, the future worrying.

     Increase the value-added, designed to add content to the product

     Now the kitchen equipment companies are willing to invest in the design, so that kitchen appliances have a new value-added, this road is clearly correct. Since it is the original design, imitation, the possibility of being plagiarism is very large, in China's intellectual property protection is not strong enough reality conditions, this road often go very hard. However, the pursuit of original design, so that their kitchen utensils get spiritual, it should be determined to remain unswervingly.

     At the same time, the kitchen equipment business should be good at using the designer's mind, and the designer to form a positive interaction. Kitchen equipment business and design creation enterprises to form a community of interests, and jointly assume the risk of design creation, enjoy its high income, so that the kitchen equipment business in the new product development, it will not bear too much risk. Kitchen utensils production and kitchen utensils design creation organic integration, to create both functional and aesthetic, market efficiency and artistic value of both the first-class kitchen equipment business, the world's kitchen industry is the main trend, the Chinese kitchen no reason not to the mainstream of this world The

     Kitchen utensils market are disturbing, and some enterprises decline, and some enterprises grow up, and some enterprises in the stagnation can not find the direction. What kind of kitchen equipment companies can adapt to the market, to find their own place to seize the competitiveness of enterprises to enhance the two key - technology and design, will promote the kitchen equipment business more long-term development.


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