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    The global dairy trade platform index continues to rise

    2017-05-19 Jianghan Equipment Read

    Global dairy trade platform released on the 17th data show that in the latest auction, the global dairy trading price index rose 3.2%, which is the fifth consecutive rise in the index.

     In the latest auction, the index of the whole milk powder trading price of $ 3312 per ton, up 1.3% over the previous auction. Whole milk powder price is constant natural and other large dairy enterprises to determine the original milk purchase price of the important indicators.

      New Zealand dairy analysts said the auction results show that butter, dehydrated milk fat product prices rose faster, continuing the trend of rising prices throughout the milk season, because many developed countries, consumers seek natural food, rather than man-made or processed food, Resulting in the rapid growth of demand for milk products in the international market.

     ANZ believes that the dairy trade price index continues to show an upward trend, will lead to New Zealand dairy farmers get a higher return. Over the past few years, international dairy trading prices fluctuated violently. To this end, Fonterra has provided interest-free loans to their dairy farmers to help them out of the price "quagmire."

     The global dairy trade platform is made up of international dairy sellers led by New Zealand's Fonterra, which sells dairy auctions every two weeks. Buyers are located in more than 90 countries and regions, and their auction prices directly affect global dairy pricing.


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