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    Leisure food industry prospects

    2017-05-19 Jianghan Equipment Read

    As consumer demand for snack foods is increasing, it is expected that sales in the snack food industry will exceed 2 trillion yuan by 2020. According to China's organic food analysis report shows that in 2020 China will become the world's fourth largest consumer of organic food, soybeans are vegetarian important food, when organic food will become a new direction of consumption of snacks.

     "At present, China's snack food enterprises as many as several hundred thousand, the rapid growth of market size, nearly 3 years of leisure food industry sales revenue growth rate of more than 20%, annual sales exceeded one trillion yuan." China Food Science and Technology Institute of leisure food Processing technology branch vice president and secretary general Bi Jinfeng researcher recently told reporters in an interview: is expected in 2020, the snack food industry sales will exceed 2 trillion yuan.

     Leisure food industry prospects, of which vegetarian become a new trend. According to the "2015-2010 China Organic Food Market Competitiveness Analysis and Investment Prospects Report", Chinese consumers demand for a balanced diet, by 2020, China will become the world's fourth largest consumer of organic food. Soybean is an important food for vegetarians, rich in protein, essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and soy isoflavones, phytosterols and other plant chemicals. Eat more soybeans and their products can reduce the risk of breast cancer and osteoporosis.

     However, the intake of Chinese consumers of soy products is far from enough. In 2016 the latest published "Chinese residents dietary guidelines", the Chinese Nutrition Society recommended daily intake of more than 25 grams of soybeans, but according to the 2012 Chinese residents nutrition and health monitoring results show that urban and rural residents average daily soybean and product intake Only 10.9 grams, less than half the amount recommended by the Nutrition Association.

     Soybean nutrition and health, is the ideal raw material for making snacks, soy snacks can help consumers add soy nutrition anytime, anywhere. The existing soybean snacks less species, mainly to the main leisure tofu. Boston Consulting (BCG) forecasts show that during the 2016-2020 period, the annual compound growth rate of dried snacks will exceed 10%.

     From the United States when the acquisition of Chinese companies after the golden monkey, the international perspective, a single bean to soybean-based raw materials to expand the other snacks, nutrition Q tease, meat, vegetarian and other products came into being. Greedy monkey is good when the company with its first automated production line in China, the production line of brand products. The introduction of rejuvenation of the package of greedy monkey brand products, including Chuan-bean curd, Chiba bean dry, nutrition Q funny products are fully upgraded packaging, from the beginning of each package, to consumers universal soybean nutrition, transmission "low burden Light dynamic "information. At the same time, the first time in the country to promote prime sausage products.

    Protein is one of the six major nutrients necessary for human life activities, rich in high quality vegetable protein. By carefully designing recipes, every 100 grams of greedy monkey beans contain 25% of the body's protein every day. "The soybeans contain a range of ingredients that can disrupt or hinder the digestion and absorption of nutrients and have a negative impact on human health," says Dr. Yuan Qingbin, senior research and development director. "The soybeans are usually heat-treated to reduce the activity of the nutrient, For example, the digestibility of unboiled whole cooked soybeans is only about 65%, but the digestibility of soymilk or tofu after full cooking can be increased to more than 90% .Therefore, the correct treatment Methods and processing technology to produce soy products, can effectively destroy and remove nutrients in soybeans, making it more suitable for people to eat nutritious food.

     Transgenic is a hot topic in recent years. Dr. Yuan Qingbin said that in the case of the safety of genetically modified foods is still controversial, the greedy monkey brand adhere to the safety of consumers as the first, strict selection of non-genetically modified soybeans as raw materials, not only for the main raw material soybean strict control, Even small amounts of added soy oil are used to insist on the use of non-genetically modified products. Each of the raw materials used in the new product sausage has been carefully screened, carefully designed formula, made with sausage and taste comparable to the vegetarian. Taking into account the consumer's love of fat and thin meat, the greedy monkey brand uses konjac - one of the top ten health food products identified by the United Nations Health Organization to simulate fat texture.


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