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    One device, two filling modes

    2017-05-19 Jianghan Equipment Read

    In 2005, a number of Swiss investors led the acquisition of two mineral water brands Allegra and Passugger in Graubünden under the leadership of Urs Schmid. In 2008, Allegra Passugger Minerals Co., Ltd. for the first time the two mineral water brand filling in the PET bottle. Since then, the annual output has doubled. However, the filling and recycling of glass bottles and disposable PET bottles only one set of filling equipment, PET bottles must spend a lot of manpower on the production line. This situation has now been reversed.

      At the beginning of 2017, the company was put into operation with a new set of compact PET equipment, provided by Krones and Keshi Ming. The production capacity of this production line is 12,000 bottles per hour, including a KSB 6R blow molding machine, a Starmodul modular labeling machine and a Contiflow mixer. In addition, Krones also installed a palletizing center for two sets of filling equipment, including a palletizer and two palletizing machines. In this way, Allegra Passugger can now separate bottled glass bottles and PET bottles at the same time. The innovative company also attracted market attention with pre-printed 470 ml and 770 ml glass bottles as a promotional product and will continue to grow in the Swiss water market in the future.


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