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    Development Trend of International Food Machinery

    2017-04-05 Jianghan Equipment Read

    Food machinery technology level is the basis for the development of food industry. In recent years, international food machinery is developing rapidly and has shown the following main trends:
    1. The Practicality of High and New Technology
    Today's food machinery market competition mainly is the technological competition, so enhancing the technical content becomes the theme of food machinery supplying industry. Through the use of new technology can increase the production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, increase the yield and additional value, maintain the nutrient content and flavor of food also ensure food safety. At present, the developed countries widely used high-tech apply to food machinery, and has constantly brought out new products and new equipments with higher technological content and more humanized, which greatly improved he device performance.

    food industry trend

    2. The Assimilation of Technical Standard
    In order to achieve the consistency and coordination of the international technology exchange and trade, the food processing and food machinery technology standards all over the world are moving closer to the international standards or the European Union standard. And this is an important measurement to avoid technical barriers of global food machinery field. Especially the members of WTO, with international standards as the basis for their technical regulations formulating, thereby strengthening the international standards role in the harmonization of different countries technical regulations, thus further consolidate the status of international standards in the realization of global production and supplying.
    3. Technology and Equipment become More Secure
    Based on the global food safety is becoming more and more serious, some developed countries produced many food machinery which meet the quality and safety requirements, thus starting from the equipment itself to reach the safety of food processing. There are two ways to accomplish this: one is formulation of perfect technical specifications for the equipment, second is strictly organizing the design, manufacture and application of the food machinery in accordance with the technical specifications. In these technical specifications, the main ones are the mechanical safety and sanitary requirements, so as professional manufacturer, your design and manufacturer must comply with these basic requirements.
    4. Quality Control in the Whole Process
    Modern way of international food processing and production, will focus on quality assurance from the traditional inspection of final products, transfer to the regulation of the critical control points in the processing technics. The aim is to reduce error occurred during the processing, and cut down the man-made or equipment mistake to a minimum. In addition, to prevent the operation under unsanitary conditions which may cause quality deterioration, and avoid the unnecessary loss.
    5. High Efficiency of the Equipment
    The high efficiency of food processing are realized mainly by adopting the electromechanical integration technology and automatic control technology. Meanwhile, using the continuous production equipment instead of intermittent production equipment; specialized production equipment to replace the generalizing production equipment; humanized machinery to replace small and medium-sized machinery. Consequently the production line can achieve continuous production, professional operation, automatic adjustment as well as scale operation, which will remarkably improve the production efficiency and economic benefits.
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