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    Daily Maintenance and Repair of Food Machinery

    2017-04-05 Jianghan Equipment Read

    The correct operation and use of the equipments can ensure their performance and prolong the service life, however, the daily maintenance and repair is also of great importance. There is no exception of the food machinery, as its final products related to people’s diet and health.

    Then what aspects should you pay attention to while taking the daily maintenance and repair of the food machinery?
    1. Please make sure the power supply is cut off before the food machinery maintenance and repair, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.
    2. Usually when the operation is completed, pay attention to clean the equipment.
    Clear off the residues at every corner of the machinery, lest time is long, residue decomposed which may lead to decline of the products’ hygienic standard, and is likely to be a serious threat to people’s health.
    3. Adopts right cleaning method.
    As for cleaning of the equipment, generally, in order to save labor, the operators commonly use pipe to directly flush the food machinery, which is a wrong approach. On the contrary, the right cleaning method is: first of all, use a wet towel to wipe the sweeps of equipment surface clean, then use a small brush to clean up the residues at every corner.
    4. Systematic staff training is indispensable for the factories, so that the personnel can master the operation and repair technics and carry out the equipment operation more professionally and efficiently. In addition, to avoid personal injury and unnecessary loss caused by misoperation.
    5. After a period of using, commonly in a week or half a month, you should carefully check the main components of the food machinery to see if there is breakdown or loose of the screws and timely solve the problems. Meanwhile, you should regularly lubricate the parts like gear and bearing to ensure the smooth operation. But just a saying goes, going too far is as bad as not going far enough, too much oil also cause damage. So you’d better add oil according to the service condition.
    6. When the food processing equipment encountered not normal phenomenon, or abnormal sound appeared, you must immediately stop the machine and check, in case that more serious problems existed.

    What’s more, as is known to all, in general the equipments can reach their optimal efficiency under the best performance condition, so the users need pay more attention to the use and maintenance methods of the food processing machinery, thus making them a right-hand man to you.


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