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    Corn proccessing equipment industry introduction and prospect

    2017-04-05 Jianghan Equipment Read

    Most companies can not do the circular economy, causing serious pollution has become a new source of pollution. In recent years, domestic corn processing equipment industry a huge market demand greatly promoted the development of China's CORN PROCESSING EQUIPENT industry.

    With the introduction of foreign advanced flour mill and manufacturing technology, Chinese corn processing equipment technology has improved by leaps and bounds. I believe that in the near future, China's corn processing equipment industry will develop rapidly.

    Corn processing equipment can be divided into single-roller and double-roller according to number of the roller; horizontal or tilted according to arrangement of the roller; common or auto according to different operations.

    The machine body is separated into 2 individual chambers by a plate. The body is made of cast iron, strong enough to burden static and dynamic load during operation.

    Corn processing equipment is composed of charger, roller, regulator, cleaner, motor and machine body. With the improving of the science and technology, the development of corn processing equipment is becoming more and more quickly. In recent years the development of corn processing equipment in China has showed a trend of rising. Below we together take a look at reasons of China's rapid development of corn processing equipment.

    People’s living standard increases demands for more diversity of food, which requires constant improvement of the new technology. Corn processing equipment is also growing up.


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