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    What is the Most Essential Accessories for CORN GRINDING MACHINE

    2017-04-05 Jianghan Equipment Read

    We know that each accessory is important to corn grinding machine. But the most essential one is the vibrating screen. Only high quality vibrating screen can make corn grinding machine process corn into high grade corn products.
    Now, let’s analyze the vibrating screen importance to the corn grinding machine.
    First, vibrating screen can make the corn processing more smooth. If the corn impurities is not removed utterly, then it may cause corn grinding machine malfunction.
    Second, if the screen tightness is too low, then the corn grinding machine screening effect will become bad.
    Third, corn grinding machine vibrating screen also can effectively avoid material mixing so as to improve corn products quality.
    From the above, we can see that vibrating screen is the most essential accessory of the corn grinding machine.  
    Currently, many corn grinding machine enterprises specialize in developing the equipment with high automation and large scale production to improve the market competition.
    Although the scientific technology and talents input is increasing, there still exist some disadvantages in corn grinding machine industry which need correct solutions. The first problem: low production efficiency, high energy consumption, low stability and reliability, rough appearance, short service life of the basic parts and accessories.
    The second problem: the application for controlling technology is not enough, such as remote control technology, stepping motor technology, information processing technology and so on.


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