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    Several Type Rice Polishing Machine In Domestic

    2017-03-06 Jianghan Equipment Read

    MPGF type rice polishing machine

    The general structure of rice milling machine shown in Figure 2. Mainly composed of atomizing device, feeding device, polishing chamber, spray air system components. Atomizing device uses air compressors spray. The use of high-pressure air compressor produced water atomized spray nozzle after the feed tank engaged in moist rice polishing chamber by the two propellers, rice polishing milling machine roller and the peripheral meters two sieve lined with a polyurethane composition . Wind turbine jet ejected high-pressure air into the polishing chamber, from the increase in rice bran roll and promote the role of discharge through the hollow shaft polishing roll. Rice milling machine when entering the hopper via the atomizing device with moist rice, make rice bran powder gathered in the surface and then polished by friction rollers, so that rice roll rub throw, resulting in crystal clean finished rice.

    MPGT1 8 type rice polishing machine

    It is an iron roller blowing and polishing machine, the structure shown in Figure 3, is mainly composed of storage hopper, spray device, polishing chamber, spray wind turbine, airframe and other components. Using spray air compressor with water. There are two ways of water kinds, one is placed on top of a storage hopper hopper spray, spray material first and then into the hopper, in the temporary storage hopper for some time to run meters, then into the polishing chamber, the other is placed in the hopper head were below the fog treatment, directly into the chamber after the polishing material with mist polishing chamber by the propeller, two cast iron roll rice sieve and peripheral components. Rice milling machine spray the water into the polishing chamber, cast by polishing indoor roller rotation, so that rice milling machine constantly rolling and friction, erasing rice bran powder surface, and under the effect of high pressure air jet wind, water and the bran powder gas discharge polishing chamber, resulting in a clean finished rice.


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